Important tips about hair



In this page we will be educating our clients to maintain there own hair and beauty at home .In hairdressing there some guid lines which we have to follow to respect our clients, but unfortunately this doesn’t help us in consultation to achieve the most suitable look .for example :

Choosing Right Colour ,Right style or even Right Length .

As a professional stylist in next a few weeks we will share some of our experiences with you to help with choices you make even  before you go to any hair salon .

Always remember our hair is big part of our beauty ,male or female some men are slightly less caring then others ,but saying that in 21th century even a lots of of men would like to have reasonably smart look .So please take care of your hair in any way .



Some time people follow the fashion as it is in the media  but reality is ; fashion is what makes you look more beautiful and feel confident about yourself ,not just copying someone Else’s style.

2)Choosing style for hair cut


Often ladies ask for hair cut just for small trim which is ok .Small trim means cut about 1 to 2 centimetre from the ends to keep the hair healthy and tidy but remember time normally has to be done between four to six week the max other wise it is out of the style .

2.2)Right Restyle

Restyle is quit big change for us .When we decide to change our hair style we  must think about :

  • A. Do i need to tie my hair
  • B. Do i need to blow dry my hair to look like chosen style if yes am i good at blow drying
  • C. Do i have enough time in my life style
  • D. Dose the style you chose suit my personality
  • E. most important size of the head, face ,eyes,noise and even height

3) Right colour

4) Personality

more to come……